Why Do I Need a Trailer? Types of Trailers in Queensland

There is a wide range of trailers that are designed for specific uses. Whether you need to tow another vehicle on a car trailer, tow a boat, or need a customised trailer for your construction company, there is a trailer out there for your needs. In this article, Trailers Direct talks about the variety of different trailers on the market and what they are used for. Contact us to buy any trailer today.

Car Carrying Trailers

Car trailers are ideal for transporting other vehicles. If you are a car enthusiast that wants to transport a special car to a show, are part of a racing team, or simply own a car dealership that requires you to move vehicles regularly, a car trailer is perfect for you. There are multiple types of car trailers on the market, from simple and relatively cheap open air trailers to more expensive enclosed ones. Open car carrying trailers are easier to clean and maintain, however an enclosed car trailer are potentially safer for your vehicle. When you purchase a car trailer from Trailers Direct, you can be sure that it is made to last. Our car trailers are made with heavy duty materials, giving you the peace of mind that whatever vehicle you tow will be safely secured.

Boat Trailers

With the beach and the ocean such a huge part of Australian life, it is no surprise that more Australians than ever now own a boat or a jet ski. When purchasing a boat or ski, you must also purchase a trailer to transport it. There is a huge range of boat trailers available on the market from single and twin jet ski trailers to multi-roller and dual axle trailers, so you will find a trailer that is right for you. If your boat is too big to fit onto the standard market trailer, Trailers Direct can custom build one to the perfect size.

Builders Trailers

If you work in the construction industry, you will understand the importance of owning your own tradesperson trailer. Being able to store your tools in an organised and neat way means you can find what you need quickly and easily. Owning your own builders trailer also gives you increased security for your tools, as you can lock and store the trailer in a safe space when it is not being used.

Gardening and Lawn Mowing Trailers

If you own a landscaping or gardening business you likely have a lot of green waste to dispose of at the end of each day. Gardening trailers have plenty of room for this type of waste, as well as different spaces to store your equipment such as your lawnmower and whipper snipper. These trailers can be customised to suit your needs, including the option to add a tipping component to make the disposal of waste a lot easier.

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