6 Benefits of an Enclosed Bike Trailer in Queensland


Transporting motorbikes, dirt bikes, bicycles and quad bikes can be an easy and safe task with a purpose-built bike trailer. At Trailers Direct, our customisable bike trailers help you enjoy a hassle-free, long lasting transport solution for your bikes in Queensland. Below are six top benefits of getting one of our enclosed bike trailers for complete coverage from the elements.


1. Durable, Safe and Secure


Enclosed bike trailers provide added safety and security with an added lightweight cover. It’s the simplest solution to prevent theft, damage and weathering. Enclosed bike trailers come in a range of sizes and heights, so you can find an option that suits your precise needs. Choose from caged, canvas and fully enclosed alupanel options, all built from tough, durable materials.


2. Custom Specifications


Bike trailers come in a variety of specifications. From a range of trailer size and dimensions to accommodating one, two or three bikes, your trailer can be custom built to suit your requirements. Choose from single or double axles with or without hydraulic, mechanical or electric brakes. Simply measure your bikes before consulting a trailer company so they can advise you on exactly what you need.


3. Easy Access


Your enclosed bike trailer comes equipped with an easy-access loading ramp for easy access and heavy-duty tie-down rings. This ensures your bikes are safe and secure whether you’re driving to the local repair shop, going to an event a few hours away or travelling on a long interstate journey.


4. Simple to Use


The enclosed trailer design makes for an easy towing experience. An enclosed design is ideal for trailer users who may be anxious about their ability to properly secure their bikes. Our bike trailers are professionally made with the correct frame and tie-down points so you can avoid dangerously securing bikes to a regular trailer with rope and occy straps. When it comes to maintenance and general care, there’s very little you have to do apart from taking care of the tyres and cleaning as required.


5. High Standard Build


Cheap, poorly made bike trailers are fraught with risks and unlikely to last long.  There are also strict laws about the types of trailers used on our roads, and the towing vehicle, the trailer and the load must meet all legal and safety requirements. Ensure the safety of your bike as well as yourself and other road users are safe by investing in a quality built enclosed bike trailer. Look for local Australian manufacturers that are properly weighted to avoid jack-knifing and strictly manufactured to conform to stringent Australian standards and laws.



Enclosed Bike Trailers in Queensland from Trailers Direct


With more than 20 years of experience, the team at Trailers Direct manufactures the best bike trailers to ensure safe, secure haulage for years to come. All our trailers conform to stringent Australian Design Regulations (ADR) and Australian Safety Standards (AS) as well as the Motor Vehicle Standards ACT 1989. We can arrange delivery to all suburbs in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


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