Four Types of Trailers to Choose From and What They are For

There are many different types of trailers for the road. Each trailer has a specific purpose. If you cannot find the one you’re looking for, manufacturers such as Trailers Direct can manufacture one for you.

We offer trailers for commercial use as well as for those who want to have fun. You should choose the trailer that best fits your needs. Here are a few trailers we have available:

1. Boat and Jet Ski Trailers

For our fun-in-the-sun people, we have trailers to take your boat and jet skis anywhere along our Sunshine Coast. Our boat and jet ski trailers are manufactured to adhere to the strictest laws of the road.

They will ensure your safety and protect your boat or jet skis in transit. We ensure that you will have long-term use of your trailer because it is protected from prolonged exposure to saltwater. You have the option of customising your trailer.

2. Builders Trailers

Builders and tradesmen often need trailers to transport essential equipment to the sites they work on. It is essential to choose a trailer that matches the right type of project. Trailers Direct can provide any trailer they require.

The good news is that we have the right trailer for the right project. The right builder’s trailer can mean that they have quick and easy access to tools and equipment. Trailers with features, such as ones with a false floor or extra shelves, can increase storage and provide security.

It can be difficult to access the dimensions, tare weight, and payload capacity that you need. It is therefore important to chat with us to get the right trailer for you.

3. Plant Trailers

Plant trailers are very useful for transporting heavy equipment or any other type of machinery. These trailers are designed to make loading and unloading easier. Most have fold-away drive-on ramps.

Because plant trailers are heavy duty trailers, Trailers Direct provides you with the most durable trailers. The most important aspects of our plant trailers are the brake systems, the length, and the weight they can carry. These are vital issues to discuss with us in order for you to get the right fit for your purposes.

4. House Moving Trailers

Trailers Direct offers trailers for every need. That includes house moving trailers as well. Our coast to coast trailers can help you move anywhere in the country. You can purchase our trailers custom-made to suit your needs.

Once you have purchased your house moving trailer, you can always use it for other purposes as well. Contact us today to make your move as smooth as possible.