Aggregate Trailer Mass Simply Explained, Queensland

When you own a trailer, it is important to understand the different safety aspects. In this article, Trailers Direct explains what Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) means, why it is important to understand and how it is calculated. We will also touch on some of the consequences of miscalculating the ATM trailer weight.

What is Aggregate Trailer Mass?

The aggregate trailer mass, in simple terms, is the combined weight of the trailer and its load, when the trailer is not hooked up to the towing vehicle. Once the trailer is coupled to the vehicle, about 10% of its weight is held by the towing car. It is important to know the ATM trailer weight as it has the most effect on the towing vehicle. If the ATM trailer weight exceeds the maximum towing capabilities of the towing car, you need to reduce the weight of your load.

How to Calculate Aggregate Trailer Mass

Calculating ATM is relatively easy: all you need to know is the weight of your trailer and the weight of the load that you are adding to it. Once you know these two numbers, calculate the ATM by adding them together. This gives you the combined weight of the trailer and its load.

Why is Knowing the Aggregate Trailer Mass Important?

Text: The reason that it is so important to know your atm relates to the towing vehicle’s towing capacity. For example, if you drive a 4×4 with 3-tonne towing, you must ensure that the ATM trailer weight is 3 tonnes or lower to ensure you can safely tow the trailer. If you tow above the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, it means you are towing dangerously which can lead to accidents and cause serious mechanical failures.

How to Find Out Your Vehicle Towing Capacity

It is easy to learn about your vehicle’s towing capabilities simply by looking in the car manual. There you will find all of the necessary towing information. If you have misplaced your manual or have purchased a second-hand car that did not come with a manual, you can look up the towing capacity online by searching the car model and year.

Long Distance Towing

It is especially important to know the exact trailer weight and towing capacity of your vehicle when going on long journeys. Your vehicle can only get away with towing an overloaded trailer for a short distance. If you are traveling longer distances, towing overweight loads can put serious strain on your vehicle. Before leaving on a long trip, make sure you check your Aggregate Trailer Mass and the towing capacity of your car. Trust us: five minutes of extra checks is preferable to the damage caused by towing more than your towing vehicle and trailer can handle.

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