Tipping Trailer Safety Tips from Trusted QLD Company

At Trailers Direct, we offer an extensive range of trailers for a range of different requirements and applications. We take care of tipping trailers hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, including everything from boat trailers and bike trailers, to custom builders trailers and gardening trailers. In this article, we discuss some of the most important trailer tipping safety tips for operators to implement. In order to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, we will talk about the best ways to operate trailers, as well as how operators should behave and act around the trailer itself.

Load the Tipping Trailer Safely

Text: The first thing to consider is the maximum weight of the manual tipper trailer. It is vital to check the maximum load of the trailer and ensure that this load weight is not exceeded. Secondly, it is important to understand the necessity to equally spread the weight of the contents in the tipper tray evenly. Ideally, the contents in the tipper tray should be spread with 60% of the contents at the front half, and 40% at the back.

Check the Tray Clearance

Before you raise the tipper tray, check there is nothing above it that may impede its lift. Being negligent in this regard can cause serious damage to your tray, and affect how efficiently you can unload the contents.

Make Sure the Ground is Level and Stable

One of the most common causes of workplace accidents involving a manual tipping trailer occurs when the trailer is on uneven ground. When the tipper tray is lifted, it alters the centre of gravity of the vehicle. If it is not on even, flat, and compacted ground, there is a chance of the tray falling over, which can be extremely dangerous.

Safely Lift the Tray

Another important thing to remember when operating a tipping tray is to keep clear when it is being lifted. It is important for operators to keep clear of the hydraulics system, and to remove any loose clothing or jewellery, to reduce the risk of them being caught in the trailer.

Be Aware of Bystanders

Another thing to think about when operating a manual tipper trailer is the general public. Bystanders may get in the way of the trailer or stand too close to the hydraulics system. The most effective way of avoiding this issue is by placing bunting around the work area. This will encourage people to take a wider berth when walking near the trailer.

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