Five Things You Should Look For in a Tradesman Trailer

Do you need a tradesman’s trailer? Trailers Direct has the right trailer for you. Contractors and tradespeople can often not function optimally without an efficient trailer. They need it to get their tools and other equipment to their job sites.

For this reason, it is crucial to pick a trailer that is appropriate for their projects. Any trailer they need can be obtained from Trailers Direct as standard or custom-built trailers.

1. Choose From Our Standard Trailers

Trailers Direct offers a wide range of trailers suitable for use as tradesman trailers. All of our trailers include standard features such as:

• Extended drawbars that make reversing easier. This is extremely useful to get the tools and equipment in the right position for easy access.

• They have dual ladder racks as well.

2. Customised Your Trailer

If you are looking for something specific, Trailers Direct can provide you with a customised trailer. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers and therefore provide the proper trailer for any purpose.

We provide quick turnaround times for any customisation of our customers’ requirements.

3. Quick and Easy Access to Tools and Equipment

The main benefit of getting a custom-built tradesman trailer is that you can specify what you want added to a standard trailer. Or we can provide you with a fully customised trailer.

The builder’s or tradesman’s trailer can both have the following added:

• Extra storage spaces for all the requirements for their specific jobs.

• False floors could increase storage space as well. This can include secret compartments as well.

• Drawers and additional shelves that slide in and out

• We can add extra ladder racks, even though our standard trailers have dual ladder racks

• Toolboxes are an important component to look for.

• We can customise our normal cages, and add extra doors if you require them.

• We can add gas bottle holders and jerry can holders

• We can also add side steps for easy access to your trailer.

The most important feature is having tools and equipment easily accessible. It is critical that you contact us so that we can determine the best configuration for you. We can add any feature that you would need for your purpose.

4. Designed from Scratch

Trailers Direct is in the business of creating high-quality custom trailers. It is critical to understand that we design and build your custom-built trailer from start to finish. We work with our clients to design exactly what they need.

We can design the best trailer for your needs, whether you need a garden trailer or a tradesman trailer. The design will meet all the legal road requirements. That will include all the finer details for the best application to your job.

5. Trailer Materials

You want to look at the best materials for the hard work the trailer will do for you. Our sturdy trailers are built from high-quality materials. We ensure that our sun coast trailers are protected against corrosion.

Whether you choose steel, aluminium, or hot-dipped galvanised material, we will create your trailer to your specifications.