Questions to Ask when Buying a Second Hand Trailer in QLD

Buying a new trailer can be expensive, and not everyone has the funds to be able to make such a purchase. If you need a car trailer but don’t have the budget for a new one, there is always the option of buying a second hand trailer. In this article, Trailers Direct discusses some of the important questions to ask when looking to buy second hand trailers. By following this guide, you can go into a potential second hand trailer purchase with the knowledge to ask the right questions.

Ask About the Materials

One of the best things to ask prior to buying any type of trailer, but especially second hand car trailers, is what materials it is made from. Most trailer owners should have a pretty good idea about this. Trailer materials can be any quality. Some are made of durable, rust-resistant metals that can withstand heavy loads, while others are made from low-quality metals and plastics that may buckle under excess weight. If you are looking at second hand care trailers, be sure to enquire about the quality of the materials.

Check if the Components

Before buying a car trailer, you should check whether or not all the mechanical components are in working order. Among other things, you should check things such as the hydraulics if it is a tipping trailer, the locks, the extension ramps, and the side gates if it is a car trailer that is enclosed. If the owner of the second hand trailer doesn’t know the condition of the working components, you can get an expert dealer to come and check the trailer for you.

Last Change or Service of Brakes & Electricals

The electricals and the brakes are an extremely important part of the trailer. To prevent a potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation, make sure you get your hands on the service book and check for yourself how often the trailer has been serviced. This booklet should have information including the last time the brake pads were changed and when the electrics were last checked.

QLD Trailer Regulations

Like any state, there are QLD trailer regulations that must be adhered to. Your trailer must meet certain safety standards, and pass a series of tests to be granted road-worthy status. Reach out to your local council or transport department to learn about trailer regulations prior to looking into second hand car trailers.

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