Pros and Cons of an Open Bike Trailer in Queensland

Motorbike trailers can be extremely useful for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you own an offroad bike that is not licensed for driving on main roads, so you need to transport it on a trailer. Maybe you are going on a long road trip and want to have your motorbike with you for off-roading or glorious days cruising along the coast. In this article, Trailers Direct explores the pros and cons of open motorcycle trailers.

Pro: Easy to Maintain

Open trailers are far easier to maintain and clean than enclosed motorcycle trailers. A lot of these trailers are used to transport off-road bikes, so they naturally get very dirty with use, with mud and sand ending up in your trailer. With open motorbike trailers, you can simply hose them down to clean them.

Pro: Economical and Easy to Handle

Due to the fact that open motorcycle trailers are lighter, you will use less fuel. If you are going on a long road trip, you may want to use an open motorcycle trailer to save money on fuel. Also, as your vehicle is towing a lighter weight it is more manoeuvrable. Furthermore, open trailers allow for greater visibility, making it easier to reverse.

Con: Open Trailers Expose Your Bike

One con to consider when it comes to open vs enclosed trailers is the fact that an open motorcycle trailer leaves your bike exposed to the elements. If you plan to drive in a cold climate that has a lot of rainfall, it would be smart to buy an enclosed motorbike trailer, as it will protect your bike from unwanted exposure. This will reduce the risk of rust as well as the risk of electrical damage.

Con: Open Trailers are Less Safe

If you own a bike and are transporting it on a motorcycle trailer, chances are you have spent a considerable amount of money on it. One of the cons of owning an open motorbike trailer is that it can increase the likelihood of theft. If your use an enclosed bike trailer, it is harder to break into. It also hides the contents of the trailer, giving potential thieves less incentive to break in.

Enclosed Trailers Offer More Space

Enclosed motorcycle trailers provide more secure storage space compared to open trailers. You can simply throw your tools, extra equipment and riding gear into an enclosed trailer, without the worry of them potentially falling off the trailer or getting blown away. You can also keep more gear in an enclosed bike trailer, instead of in your car.

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