Five Ways on How to Prevent Trailer Swaying When Towing

There are several aspects to consider when towing a trailer. One of the major factors is getting a well-built trailer from a reputable company like Trailers Direct. This is a good start toward ensuring that your trailer will provide you with a smooth ride.

The rest is up to you to further ensure that your trailer will not swerve or sway. Here are some ideas for you.

1. Proper Weight Distribution

You want to ensure that you drive safely with your trailer. For this reason, you should pay attention to proper weight distribution. Whether you are towing a lawn mowing trailer or a car trailer, you will need to make sure that the weight is distributed correctly.

When loading your trailer, you should ensure that sixty percent of the load is toward the front of the trailer and the lighter portion of the load is toward the back. The important thing is to make sure that none of your axles carry too much weight. Thus, proper trailer loading is vital when you want to prevent trailer swaying.

2. Safe Driving

The best way to prevent your trailer from swerving is to slow down. Driving slowly will assist in preventing unnecessary swerving. When towing a trailer, even a box trailer, you cannot drive at your usual speed.

A lower speed will also help you to brake early enough to avoid any mishaps and keep your trailer from swaying. The same applies to keeping a safe distance while driving behind other vehicles. Be aware of wind gusts when passing larger vehicles on the road.

3. Towing Speed is Important

As mentioned above, speed is important when towing a trailer. You should check with your state to see if there are speed limits for towing. Regardless of this, you should generally adhere to the manufacturer’s towing weight limits. This will help you maintain safe towing, which includes the prevention of trailer sway.

Trailers Direct has the right trailer for the right purpose and will give sound advice and safety tips on trailer safety and towing safety.

4. Aids to Help Prevent Trailer Swaying

Installing a tow package is a good way to aid in trailer towing. This is especially true if you use your trailer regularly. The towing package will help keep your trailer steady and lower your chance of an accident while towing. In addition, it will enhance your vehicle’s overall towing capacity.

It is especially useful for ensuring that you get better handling from your trailer. This means that you will also have less chance of trailer sway. Have a chat with Trailers Direct for assistance with this.

5. What to Do When You Notice Trailer Swaying

The moment you notice your trailer swaying, you should lift your foot off the accelerator. This should slow down your vehicle immediately. You should slow down, but do not apply the brakes or speed up.

Keep driving straight ahead until you can safely stop. Check your load again and reload the trailer if it requires that. Check the tyres and other parts to see if there are any other reasons for the swaying.