Do You Need a Single-Axle Trailer or a Tandem Trailer?

It is important to know the difference between a single-axle and a tandem trailer in order to make the right choice for your purposes. For example, if you’re looking at buying a trailer for lawn care, you will also be looking at the lawn care trailer setup.

What this implies is that you might want to consider whether it would be best to get a tandem or single-axle trailer. Trailers Direct will provide you with open or enclosed trailers for this purpose.

When Do You Need A Tandem Trailer?

When you purchase your trailer from us, you have the choice of customisation. As mentioned before, you might have requested a specific setup for your trailer. This is also possible for camper trailer setups.

Inevitably, the setup will affect the weight of the trailer. Tandem trailers will be best at holding any increased weight. This will include your payload as well. For the heavier weight, you will need tandem or double trailer axles.

The two axles are situated close to each other to help them disperse the heavy weight of a load. Depending on the length of the trailer, the experts at Trailer Direct will know exactly where to position the axles. Contact us for advice on what might best suit your needs

If you have a reasonably sized boat to move, for example, a tandem boat trailer would be your best bet. It will ensure the safety and security of your valuable cargo. A tandem trailer, such as a plant trailer, is also ideal for businesses that want to haul hefty payloads. It is particularly useful for long-distance towing.

When Do You Need A Single-Axle Trailer?

If you have lighter weight to haul, a single-axle trailer would work best for you. It is ideal for small businesses that need to move around a lot of low-weight loads. Smaller box trailers are ideal for everyday use and do not need a double axle. Some more reasons for choosing a single-axle trailer are as follows:

• A single-axle trailer is ideal for short distances.

• You do not need to use a large vehicle to tow a single-axle trailer.

• It is ideal for a small business, as you will find that a single-axle trailer is much cheaper to buy than a double axle.

• It is smaller and will take up less space.

• It is also much cheaper to maintain, as there are only two tyres, two sets of brakes and two sets of bearings to replace.

How to Choose the Right Axle Type Trailer

The best place to start is by speaking to an expert at Trailers Direct. You will need to know the following:

• That you cannot pull the same weight with a single-axle trailer as you can with a tandem trailer. You need to know what payload you will want to haul from the start.

• You will have more wheels to maintain with a tandem trailer, and it will therefore be more expensive. If you do not need a tandem trailer at the moment, a single-axle trailer will be perfect. You can always upgrade later by contacting Trailers Direct.

• A single-axle trailer is also cheaper to buy than a tandem trailer.