5 Towing Risks to Keep in Mind with Trailers, Queensland

If you are new to towing, it is essential that you understand the risks that come with towing a vehicle or trailer behind your car. Although it may seem very simple, there are multiple things you should look out for and be aware of when towing a trailer. In this article, Trailers Direct in Queensland talks about the five main risks when driving a trailer. We will also touch on ways you can avoid or mitigate these risks.

Mismatched Equipment

One of the main things to cause serious problems while driving with a trailer is mismatched equipment. It is vital that you understand the maximum towing weight of your trailer. Similarly, it is important to know the max towing ability of your vehicle. Larger and more powerful cars can tow heavier hauls, while smaller cars can only handle small loads. Make sure you consult your car manual to find out your vehicle’s max towing capacity.


Your ability to see what is going on behind you is vital when driving with a trailer. If you are towing a boat, or caravan, your visibility may be hindered. Towing mirrors are readily available, which give you a wider rear view. If you need to reverse your towing load, it may be a smart idea to have a friend spotting you from behind. This will give you confidence that you are backing up safely.

Accelerating and Braking

In order to tow safe, you need to understand the increased toll that trailer towing has on your vehicle. Due to the increase in mass, your vehicle will work harder when accelerating. This is important to remember when overtaking other vehicles. As it takes your vehicle longer to get up to higher speeds, you will need more time to overtake. Similarly, give yourself an extra 10-15 metres of braking time to allow for the extra mass of the trailer towing behind you.

Unbalanced Loads

When loading your trailer, it is important to ensure the load is balanced. If the load is not balanced properly, your ability to tow safe is significantly reduced. Load heavier items at the front of the trailer and lighter ones at the back. Ensure that both sides of the trailer are loaded equally, to avoid unbalanced weight on one side, which could affect turning. When towing a trailer, check on your load regularly, especially on long haul trips. An unbalanced load can be dangerous even when not driving. When unhitching the trailer, the load should be balanced to avoid the trailer lifting too quickly.

Trailer Swaying

One of the most dangerous things that can happen when driving with a trailer is the trailer beginning to swing. This can be caused by an unbalanced load, driving too fast, taking corners too quickly, or even a gust of wind. Once your trailer has started swaying, it is extremely hard to get it to stop. Therefore, it is smarter to try and avoid it from happening in the first place.

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