4 Tips for Lawn Care Trailer Setup in Queensland


Purchasing a trailer is a great investment for a lawn care business, especially when it’s designed to perfectly suit your equipment and needs. Whether you need to transport a large ride-on mower or a wide variety of lawn care equipment in various compartments, custom built mowing trailers can help you get the most from your purchase. At Trailers Direct, we offer custom lawn care and gardening trailers for sale across Queensland. Here are some tips for what to include in your set up.


1. The Right Size and Weight Capacity


The first important consideration is getting the right size trailer with an appropriate weight capacity for your needs is essential. This ensures you can transport your lawn care equipment on roads without the risk of your trailer swinging or swaying. It can be confusing knowing exactly what dimensions and weight capacity you need. Part of the customisation process at Trailers Direct involves discussing what you need to haul so we can design a trailer that is guaranteed to be safe while providing you with the functionality you need.


2. Ramp and Tipping Functionality


When transporting lawn mowers, customising your ramp is an ideal way to ensure you can easily load and unload your equipment. You can also design lawn mowing trailers to tip using hydraulics or a winch to easily unload soil and other gardening materials. Customisation can extend beyond that to adding ladder racks, shelving, hooks, toolboxes, extra doors, side steps, jerry can or spray pack holders and more.


3. Single or Double Axle?


Another decision is choosing between single and double axel trailer design. This will impact the weight capacity of the trailer as well as how it handles on the road. If you’re new to towing trailers, it’s likely you’ll find a single axle trailer easier to manoeuvre, particularly when it comes to reversing and parking. Double axel lawn mowing trailers offer more weight capacity, however, as well as providing a smoother, more stable towing experience, and are less likely to sway at speed.


4. Add a Removable Cage or Cover


A popular addition to gardening and lawn care trailers is a cage or enclosed cover, which can be bolted onto your trailer and removed as required. Having a cage, cover or higher walls on your trailer means you can increase the number of items you can haul and more easily secure them. Most cage and enclosed trailer designs feature a swing rear gate for easy access. This includes a back gate that swings down and functions as a ramp.


Gardening Trailers for Sale in Queensland


Looking for Gardening trailers for sale? Whether you’re looking for mowing trailers with a simple tray design fitted to the front of a box trailer or a fully customised solution, the team at Trailers Direct can help. We manufacture safe, secure, premium haulage solutions across Queensland. We can build and deliver your new trailer to all suburbs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.


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